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Welcome! Sambodhi Prem & Sandipa play events and concerts – journeys that transport you to deeper parts of yourself through the beauty of music.

With songs of the spirit and ecstatic chant they explore the connection between music and being awake to 'this very moment', something that is at the core of all meditation.

Sambodhi Prem is a devotional songwriter, writing from his experiences on the path of meditation, the path of love and that of yoga. He has played music in the presence of the enlightened mystic Osho, in his meditation resort in Pune, India, an experience he describes as 'being in the WOW and the NOW'!

From this space Sambodhi Prem & Sandipa explore the realms of oneness in the eternal moment. There are times during their concerts to join with singing and times to be transported as listeners into inspirational songs and creative guitar improvisations.

If you're interested to experience one of our concerts go to our events page to see when our next concert will be. Or put yourself on our mailing list to keep up to date.

Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa

House concert in Auckland, New Zealand with Jason Friedlander, May 2016.

Our Music

And what would this website be without our music? So, here's some tunes we recorded. We hope you like them!


Circle of Light album cover art


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Circle of Light album cover art

Arohanui - Call me with the Light of Love

Seven Waves of Knowing album cover art

the Mind

Seven Waves of Knowing album cover art

Becoming Essence

Seven Waves of Knowing album cover art

Cello Circles