Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa are musicians and artists… We love to play guitar and sing in a quiet setting, an undisturbed space where everyone can listen together, and move on the wings of music.

We love it when people sing together… our music has choruses, chants and mantras to join, to be with the music in a creative and playful way, to listen and also to be carried away into the delicious silence that follows in the wake of the music.


Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa

Two Artists

Apart from radiating the joy and the love of playing live music, Sambodhi Prem is an award winning recording artist in the United States (Acoustic Instrumental CD of the Year 2000, for his album NatureSpace, which includes New Zealand native birds on three tracks).
He has recorded many instrumental titles, which are released on European and American music labels; music for Reiki, healing and yoga. Visit his website to hear samples and to buy his music sambodhiprem.com

Sandipa is an exhibiting artist. You can see her paintings here: sandipa.com.au

Sambodhi also designs and builds websites (like this one) – you can see his work here.

Our golden buddha